Are Traditional Car Washes Harming your Vehicle?

Are you really washing or damaging your vehicle? Are you truly giving your vehicle a proper maintenance? Whether you use the conventional drive through carwash that is touch-less or uses brushes, you may be at high risk of damaging your vehicle. All in all your vehicle will not be getting the attention it deserves to ensure the longevity of its luster.

The Washing Process

Going through automatic carwashes that use brushes or cloths run a major risk of scratching the paint on your vehicles. The material/ fabrics these machines use do not have the soft touch needed to only remove only dirt, filth, and contamination, without leaving the paint untouched. Since these machines go through several cars a day, the materials/ fabrics are not sanitized and become overused, cleaning several vehicles, spreading contaminants and filth from vehicle to vehicle. Dirt and filth are simply moved around, and nothing is truly cleaned.

Touchless carwashes, on the other hand, do a poor job in removing the filth from the surface of your vehicle. Powered water jets cannot reach every part of your vehicle, leaving you with an unfinished service.

The Drying Process

If you have gone to any automatic carwash, the last step is the drying process and we’ve all gone through the high powered dryers. We expect our vehicles to be dry after that, but when we look around the vehicle we always see those left over water spots all over the vehicle. Once those water spots actually dry, your vehicle is left with several white spots giving your vehicle a dirty look after a “carwash.”

How is DASH different?

We use vapor steam to remove all the filth and contaminants from our client’s vehicles. The vapor steam is safe on paint and is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning vehicles. As the vapor steam is sprayed throughout the vehicle, it is then shampooed, followed by another spray of vapor steam, finished with a soft touch of micro fiber towels that follow the path of the steam to remove left over filth and give it a healthy and safe dry.

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