How to clean a spill in your car

Car Spill

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This usually starts with, Its not going to spill, what are the chances of that even happening? – as you take a sip of your drink. Many of us have endured the pain of spilling a liquid in our vehicle or someone else’s and it is definitely not a pretty sight. Especially parents with young children or infants, unfortunately the odds of spilling are increasingly higher. 

Luckily, there’s a handful of solutions for (almost) every spill. Keep in mind it’s important to act fast because every second counts when there’s liquid seeping into your seats or carpet. Here are a few products we recommend after you vacuum the liquid:

Spilled Milk & Dairy:

Soda & Coffee:

If the spill isn’t removed and there is now a stain/stench, it may require extra attention and potentially a steam vacuum. After cleaning the spill, invest in a durable rubber floor mat to prevent your carpets from being stained if there is another spill in the future.

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