Go from dirty car to Clean car in a Dash

We reengineered the car wash system to use 96% less water without compromising the quality of your car wash. The modern approach for a better future.

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1. Park

your vehicle


2. Pin

your location


3. Pick

your wash

It's that easy, leave the rest to us! 🎉
It’s Free to Download for Everyone


Never wait in line

High Quality

30 point inspection with before and after pictures


Biodegradable products paired with vapor steam


Our Dash pros are reliable experts and we provide $1M Liability insurance.


Location tracker with updates on wash


PCI Compliance with every transaction


Cars Washed


Gallons of Water Saved


Happy Customers


Dollars Donated to Water Charities

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We re-engineered the holistic carwash experience for a modern day approach. Our success has been driven by your passion to build a better future. Here's what users are saying.

Latest Dash How-to

Get your vehicle looking new with simple interior and exterior car detailing tips you can do yourself. Check out our tips on vehicle cleaning.

Headlight Cleaning

Sick and tired of yellowed, dull, and foggy headlights? If so, continue, we’ll give you the DIY guide so you can get your headlights looking almost new. Why it’s Important to Restore your Headlights? While the dull appearance of headlights undervalues your vehicles look and feel, it also impacts your visibility, and it impedes the […]

Are you really washing or damaging your vehicle? Are you truly giving your vehicle a proper maintenance? Whether you use the conventional drive through carwash that is touch-less or uses brushes, you may be at high risk of damaging your vehicle. All in all your vehicle will not be getting the attention it deserves to ensure […]

This usually starts with, Its not going to spill, what are the chances of that even happening? – as you take a sip of your drink. Many of us have endured the pain of spilling a liquid in our vehicle or someone else’s and it is definitely not a pretty sight. Especially parents with young […]

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